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A Lasting Impact

A milestone like 15 years in business is sure to put one in an introspective mood with regard to one’s accomplishments over the years. As we shift into the new year from our anniversary year, one of the things I’m most proud of is our team’s continuing impact on the community; the difference we’ve made in community initiatives and non-profits.

Our team has had served on over 30 community boards, advisory committees, and other support roles ranging from Greater Spokane Incorporated to a bachelor auction benefitting a camp for youth recovering from cancer. We’ve crafted over a hundred professional development presentations to share our perspective with our peers. We’ve taught graduate and undergraduate classes at area universities and granted hundreds of students job shadows.

We haven’t always tracked our volunteer hours, but I have little doubt they would number in the thousands.  Our sentiment has always been that part of our job is to make our region a better, stronger place to live and do business. It’s how we pay forward our good fortune, and have some fun along the way.

A few of my favorite volunteer projects have been:

  • Back in 2006 we got a call from a local homebuilder who had just been asked by a national production company to take the lead on an episode of “Extreme Home Makeover” to be filmed in North Idaho. With only a couple weeks to plan a logistical miracle, we signed on to manage media at the site.  Every day for a week, our team made the drive to Sandpoint, media kits in hand, to coordinate: interviews, access to the construction site and the “talent.”  Everything was donated right down to the hot chocolate. It was cold. It was muddy. But it was beyond rewarding to see something come to fruition so quickly with hard work, a can-do attitude and lots of volunteers. A fantastic microcosm for what our community can do.

  • Another staff favorite included the 2007 and 2010 US Figure Skating Championships.  It was a blast to see Spokane host media from around the globe, fielding a group of volunteers to staff the media room and the deluge of press conferences.  Another great example of our community coming together to pull off something really big—and making the most of Spokane’s time in the national (and international) spotlight. I’ll never view the “kiss and cry” area for skaters quite the same.  (And I developed a new appreciation for Johnny Weir’s fashion choices.)

  • More recently we’ve been working on the YWCA’s Queen Latifah event, coming to Spokane on March 22, 2012.  This event is shaping up to be the largest one-time fundraiser in Spokane non-profit history.  What a coup to get Queen Latifah’s first visit to the northwest here in Spokane AND for it to benefit one of our most deserving non-profits, an organization dedicated to empowering women and ending racism.  And, in a shameless effort to raise money for the YWCA right now, please call 325-seat or visit www.tickestwest.com to buy your tickets to this one-of-a -kind event!


We count our blessing to have been a part of these events, and all the others, allowing us to contribute to a truly vibrant community. On behalf of DHC, thanks for anything and everything you do to make our home a better place. Our collective efforts do make a difference.

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